Web Site Creator FAQs

Where do I go to manage my website creator?

Where can I get the Website Creator User Manual?

You can download our extensive user manual for the Website Creator by clicking here

I cannot see the changes I made to my site

Updates to your website are instant. However, being able to view them depends on your browsers cache. This can be looked up on Google. But generally, browsers try and are efficient by keeping a copy of what you have seen recently. There are settings in your browsers to change this. Each browser could be different. So the true answer is if someone has not been to your site, and you have made a change to your site, then that person will see the new change when loading your page. If still having issues, the best attempt is to close any instances of browsers that you may have open. Then re-open, and enter the address to your site again. This will often clear the cache and show you the latest version of your site.

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How do I improve my ranking in search engines for my Web Site Creator site?

You can assist by adding what is called Meta Tags. This means you add a title, keywords, and a description to each of your pages. Search engines can read this information to gain in-site into your website. When editing your website from the Control Panel, you select Manage Pages from the tabs at the top. You then select a page, then click Page Properties. You will then see Search Engine Settings. In here you should enter a title related to the page, a description related to that page, and several keywords that relate to the content of that page. Our sites are all prepared and will get listed in Google, but Google do not do this instantly and anyone with a new website must be patient and wait for them to do their magic.

How do I get my Web Site Creator site to appear in search engines?

URL submission page of each search engine is listed below:

Google - www.google.com/addurl
Yahoo! - http://siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com/submit
BING - www.bing.com/webmaster/SubmitSitePage.aspx

You can also initiate a listing with Google at www.google.com/local/add/businessCenter. Google is its own entity and not related to us. It usually indexes new sites within about 6 weeks from them being live.

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Can I use my Web Site Creator account with multiple domains?

Web Site Creator accounts are tied to a specific domain. If you would like many domains to point to the site you’ve built with Web Site Creator, you can purchase Web Site Creator for one domain then set the other domains’ host records to URL Forward to the first domain so they are all displaying the same Web Site Creator content.

Can I FTP or use my own HTML code with Web Site Creator?

No. Web Site Creator is a wizard-based web site builder and does not support code created outside the wizard. However, if you would like to host your own custom designed website, then we do suggest that you visit www.domainnames.com.au/hosting.php for more information on our Linux or Windows hosting plans that are designed to fit your needs. If you have purchased a Linux or Windows Hosting from us prior to 13th August 2013, then you can find your FTP details within your Control Panel located at www.ManageMyDomainNames.com.au/web-site-hosting/manage.aspx

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Is it possible to display movies and Flash animations on my site?

For all Web Site Creator accounts, you can choose from several available Flash intros to place on your site. All accounts except for Lite, allow you to upload your own movies and to create your own Flash animations using the built-in editor.

How do I change the font for my Web Site Creator site?

To launch Web Site Creator, log in and click "My Account". In the "Manage Services" section find "Web Site Creator" and click "Manage". Click the Web Site Creator account you want to manage. Click "Edit My Website". Once you have chosen a template, the font options for that template are available on the "Customize Design" tab of the setup wizard.

Why won't Web Site Creator launch?

Website creator is not supported with Internet Explorer 9 or Firefox 4 yet. Please use Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox 3. If that doesn't work, please use Internet Explorer 9 in Compatibility Mode. Mac users running OS X will not be able to use the Web Site Creator with Internet Explorer at all. These users must use either Camino or Firefox 3 to create their websites.

If you have a popup blocker program, it can prevent the Website Creator window from opening. Disable any pop-up blockers in your computer. It might be installed and hidden in your system if you have MSN, Yahoo, Google or any 3rd party tool bar. Please check their help system about how to turn it off. Also completing the following steps should enable the website creator to open successfully.

A popup blocker is running on your machine
If your browser or toolbar has a popup blocker activated, it prevents the Web Site Creator window from opening. In addition to settings you may knowingly have configured, there are several browsers and toolbars that block popups by default; you must turn off the popup blocker to access Web Site Creator.

a) Disable any pop-up window stopper software on your machine (such as Google toolbar etc) or, if the option is available, hold down the bypass key (normally Alt or Ctrl) when you click on the link that opens the DIY builder and keep it held down until the DIY builder has completely started.

b) If you are running Windows XP SP2 there is a popup stopper built into the Internet Explorer. This can be disabled by clicking on Tools - Pop-up Blocker - Turn Off Pop-up Blocker in Internet Explorer.

Security software is stopping a new window being opened
We have found that Norton Internet Security from Symantec can stop the website creator from opening. Please turn off everything except Anti-Virus. In Norton Anti Virus setting, please disable Script Blocking. You can set the Norton Internet Security back to ON after you're connected to the Website Creator for protection. Disable Firewalls. You can set it back to ON once you get the connection.

JavaScript is not enabled
If you are using Internet Explorer we recommend that you return all security settings to the installation defaults. You can reset these by going to the Tools - Internet Options menu and completing the following instructions:

a) On the security tab select "Internet" (if not already selected) and click "Default Level"

b) On the Privacy tab move the slider to "Medium" if not already selected

c) On the Advanced tab click the "Restore Defaults" button

d) Close all browser windows and restart your browser

Java 2 runtime not installed
Make sure you have Java 2 Runtime installed. You can check it at: Start - Control Panel - Add or Remove Programs. Check list for J2RE. If not installed, go to www.java.com click "Get it Now" under "Free Download". Restart system. NOTE: If you have J# Framework installed which is actually part of the .NET Framework installation, you still need to install the original java engine from Sun Microsystems. Please install it directly from the link above. If you have more than one Java 2 Runtime Environment Installed. Check at: Start - Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs. You might need to uninstall the older version.

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